Saturday 2 September 2017

How to Monitor IBM HTTP Server connections. & Get Apache Server info.

For unix user.

Step 1: Locate to /conf folder of IHS (IBM HTTP SERVER).

Screenshot 1:

Step 2: Edit the httpd.conf file.

Command >>  vi   httpd.conf

Step 3: Uncomment the module line

LoadModule status_module modules/

Screenshot 2:

Step 4: Uncomment the server-status location section and change the "allow from" to the localhost client ipaddress or domain

Screenshot 3:

Step 5: Go to the browser and check server-status.

Open URL : http://domain-name/server-status

Screenshot 4:

Step 6: For server info edit httpd.conf file  and uncoment module line

LoadModule info_module modules/

Screenshot :5

Step 7: Uncomment the server-info location section and change the "allow from" to the localhost client ipaddress or domain

Screenshot 6:

Step 8: Go to the browser and check Apache server-info

open URL : http://domain-name/server-info

Screenshot : 7

Reference Link :

Reference Link :

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