Saturday 28 December 2019

How to Create a Clone of any profiles on WAS.

Eg: Suppose we already have a profile AppSrv01, need to create an exact copy existing profile,
        with different name AppSrv02 and more.

NOTE: Before proceeding towards any changes, take profiles or Config backup.

BACKUP Config command:

Navigate to $WAS_HOME/bin

./backupConfig.bat /app/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/ 
-profileName AppSrv01 
-username wasadmin 
-password was@123 

BACKUP Profile command:

-profileName AppSrv01 
-backupFile /app/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/


Step 1.  Make sure that the server is shutdown.
Step 2.  Copy the existent profile from Profiles/<oldProfile> to Profiles/<newProfile>
Step 3.  Update Path WAS_USER_SCRIPT in Profiles\<newProfile>\bin\setupCmdLine.bat
Step 4.  Update Path USER_INSTALL_ROOT in Profiles\<newProfile>\bin\setupCmdLine.bat
Step 5.  Update property user.root in Profiles\<newProfile>\properties\ssl.client.props
Step 6.  Replace all occurences of <oldProfile> with <newProfile> in Profiles\<newProfile>\firststeps\firststeps.bat
Step 7.  Edit AppServer\properties\profileRegistry.xml. 
             Make a copy of the <oldProfile> and update the tag values with the <newProfile>. 

Should look something like this:
 <profile isAReservationTicket="false" isDefault="false" name="newProfile" path=".....\Profiles\newProfile" template=".......\AppServer\profileTemplates\default"/>

Step 8.  Copy AppServer\properties\fsdb\<oldProfile>.bat to AppServer\properties\fsdb\<newProfile>.bat. 

This step will make the profile available to "AppServer\bin\manageprofiles.bat -listProfiles"
Step 9.  Edit <newProfile>/config/cells/<cell>/nodes/<node>/variables.xml. Update the USER_INSTALL_ROOT path.
Step 10. Update the path of  WAS_USER_SCRIPT in AppServer\properties\fsdb\<newProfile>.bat


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