Tuesday 9 May 2017

Commands for Custom / Application server / Dmgr Profiles

Steps to create a Custom Profile

Step 1: go to location WAS_HOME/bin directory

Step 2: Use below command for custom profile.

   ./ -create  -profileName Custom01 -defaultPorts  -profilePath /IBMWAS/IBM/profiles/Custom01  -templatePath /IBMWAS/IBM/profileTemplates/managed  -nodeName Custom01Node  -cellName Custom01Cell  -hostName localhost.localdomain   -federateLater true   
         -federateLater true     --- Custom node to be federateLater with dmgr.

Screenshot 1:


Steps to create a default Application Profile.

Step 1: Go to location WAS_HOME/bin directory.

Step 2:

 ./ -create  -profileName AppSrv02 -startingPort 20000  -profilePath /IBMWAS/IBM/profiles/AppSrv02  -templatePath /IBMWAS/IBM/profileTemplates/default  -nodeName AppSrv02Node  -cellName AppSrv02Cell  -hostName ibm -enableAdminSecurity true -adminUserName WebSphere -adminPassword WebSphere123

      -startingPort is for starting port for Application profiles.
      -enableAdminSecurity true -adminUserName WebSphere -adminPassword WebSphere123--- Console credentials

NOTE : This Application profile server is a standalone server profile.
with no node agent on the server.

In case you need to federate , you will need to add a node to the server.
using ./ command.

./  ibm 8879 -trace

   Screenshot :


Steps to create a DEPLOYMENT_MANAGER  Profile 

Step 1: go to location WAS_HOME/bin directory

Step 2:

./ -create   -profileName Dmgr01 -profilePath /IBMWAS/IBM/profiles/Dmgr01   -templatePath /IBMWAS/IBM/profileTemplates/management   -serverType DEPLOYMENT_MANAGER   -nodeName Dmgr01Node  -cellName Dmgr01NodeCell -hostName  -defaultPorts -enableAdminSecurity true -adminUserName was -adminPassword was123


  -enableAdminSecurity true -adminUserName was -adminPassword was123   --- Console credentials

   Screenshot :

Step 3: Now Start DMGR from location   /IBMWAS/IBM/profiles/Dmgr01/bin

execute ./

 Screenshot 3:

Step 4: Check console : use URL : https://[ip]:9043/ibm/console/logon.jsp

 Screenshot 4:


Step 5: Federate the Custom Profile node to the dmgr cell using “./ dmgr_host soap_port”

Step 6: Go to location /IBMWAS/IBM/profiles/Custom01/bin   also make sure your dmgr profile  is UP.

command  --> ./ 8879


./ -- utility -- Hostname
8879         --  soap_port of  DMGR    [ SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS=8879 ]

 Screenshot 5:

Review from console also

 Screenshot 6:  

Thanks :-) !

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