Monday 8 May 2017

Profiles in WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment product

1: cell -  cell (dmgr and default).

2: default - Application server.

3: dmgr - Deployment manager Console.

4: managed - Custom.

5: management - Management. Use in conjunction with the -serverType parameter
                                  to indicate the type of management profile.

6: secureproxy- Secure proxy.


1. cell :

- A management profile with a deployment manager.

- An application server profile added (federated) to the management profile.

2. default : A management profile with a deployment manager.

3. dmgr : management profile.

4 .managed : 

- Custom Sigle Node.

– A custom profile contains an empty node with no servers. However, a server can be added
after the profile is created.

NOTE : With a custom profile, you cannot create a Windows service with this parameter.
Instead, use the WASService command to create the service separately.

5. management  :

 deployment manager

A management profile provides components for managing multiple application server
environments. Possible profiles are as follows:
                                                                       - Deployment manager
                                                                       - Administrative agent
                                                                       - Job manager

6. secureproxy :

– A secure proxy (configuration-only) profile is for use with a DeMilitarized Zone (DMZ)
secure proxy server. This configuration-only profile is intended only to be used to configure
the profile using the Integrated Solutions Console. After you configure the profile, you can
export the profile configuration and then import it into the secure proxy profile in your
DMZ. Secure proxy (configuration-only) profile is only an administrative component.


NOTE : Templates that are included with the WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment product can only be used to create profiles


-templatePath app_server_root\profileTemplates\    

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