Wednesday 10 May 2017

Creating a self-Signed certificate using command line (WebSphere® Application Server)

Step 1: To create key database file 

 Go to location /IBMIHS/HTTPServer/bin { IHS bin }

Commmand :

./gskcmd -keydb -create -db samplecert.kdb -pw 123456 -type cms  -expire 120 -stash samplecert.sth

Syntax :  <ihsinst>/bin/gskcmd -keydb -create -db <filename> -pw <password> -type
          <cms | jks | jceks | pks12> -expire <days> -stash <filename_of_key_database>.sth

Screenshot 1:

Reference Link :

Step 2: Creating a self-signed certificate.

Commmand :

./gskcmd -cert -create -db samplecert.kdb -pw 123456 -size 2048 -dn CN=*,O=MB,L=MUM,ST=Maha,C=IN  -label samplecertificate -default_cert yes  -expire 365  -san_dnsname -san_emailaddr   -san_ipaddr  -sig_alg SHA1WithRSA   -ca true

Syntax :   gskcmd -cert -create -db <filename> -pw <password> -size <2048 | 1024 | 512> -dn <distinguished_name>
          -label label> -default_cert <yes | no> - expire <days> -san dnsname <DNS name value>[,<DNS name value>]
          -san emailaddr <email address value>[,<email address value>]
          -san ipaddr <IP address value>[,<IP address value>][-ca <true | false>]

Screenshot 2:

Refrence Link :

Step 3: To check the .kdb using ikeyman tool through GUI.

Screenshot 3:

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