Friday 27 December 2019

Installation Manager (IM) on non-default location.

Installation Manager (IM) on non-default location.

What is IM?

Installation Manager is a tool that you can use to install and maintain your IBM software packages. 
The following steps can perform the install, modify, update, rollback, or uninstall your IBM products.

Step 1: Extract IM setup.

Step 2: Locate to $IM_SETUP/installc script for Installation using for command method.

Step 3: NOTE: Create a folder for "IM_installed" &  "IM_logs" on the installation path.


./installc -acceptLicense  
-installationDirectory /app/IBM_8.5.5.X/InstallationManager/IM_installed  
-record /app/IBM_8.5.5.X/InstallationManager/install.xml 
-dataLocation /app/IBM_8.5.5.X/InstallationManager/IM_logs 


installc: Script for command method.
installationDirectory: Installation directory location.
record: To record installed steps.
dataLocation: For IMP installation Manager logs.
showProgress : For installation status.


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