Tuesday 9 May 2017

Creating WebSphere® Application Server ND Cluster using GUI / Console

Step 1: Login to Admin Console.

Screenshot 1:

Step 2 : Go to  Servers >> Clusters >> WebSphere application server clusters

Screenshot 2:

Step 3: Click on  New >>   Enter the "Cluster name" and click Next


Memory-to-memory session replication is the session replication to another WebSphere® Application Server. In this mode, sessions can replicate to one or more Application Servers to address HTTP Session single point of failure (SPOF).

Screenshot 3:

Step 4:  Provide  the Cluster "member name" and select the "node" where you want to create


Controls the number of requests that are directed to the application server. Even though you specify a value of 0 to 20 as the weight of a server, the weight that is assigned to the server is a proportion, in which, the weight assigned to the server is the numerator, and the sum of the weights of all members of the cluster is the denominator.

Reference link :

Screenshot 4:

You also have the option to create the member using an application server template, using an existing JVM as a template, convert existing JVM as a cluster member or create an empty cluster.

Step 5: Create additional cluster members >> Provide  the Cluster "member name" and select the "node" where you want to create and then "Add Member".  >> Next.

Screenshot 5:

You can also add more member .

Step 6:  Review the summary and click Finish.

Screenshot 6:

Step 7: click on "review"

Screenshot 7:

Step 8: Select on "Synchronize changes with Nodes" and "Save" .

Screenshot 8 :

Screenshot 9 : OK

Step 9:  Review the status of created cluster.

Screenshot 10 : Status is "stopped"

Step 10: Review the cluster members
Go to  Servers >> Server Types >> WebSphere application servers

Screenshot 11 : status is "stopped"

Step 11: Now Start the "Cluster_1" from Console

Go to  Servers >> Clusters >> WebSphere application server clusters

Screenshot 12 :

Screenshot 12 : Now it is started "Partial"  wait till its members to start.

 Screenshot 13 : Cluster is "Started"

 Screenshot 14 : Custer server including  members are "Started".

 Screenshot 15 : also review from back-end "ps -ef | grep java"  / "ps -ef | grep Cluster"

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