Saturday 8 April 2017

Application Profile Creation through GUI. -- Cell Profile

First Complete these two Steps 


Use this link:


Installation WAS ND 8.5 on desired location

Use this link:

Step 1: go to installed WAS location

           cd /IBMWAS/IBM/Websphere/AppServer/bin/ProfileManagement

{/IBMWAS - in my case }

Step 2: run file
            command   >> ./

Step 3: select  >> Create

Step 4: Select >> WebSphere Application Server >> Cell >> Next

Step 5: Two Option are there    1. Typical
                                             2. Advanced

Typical - Create a cell that uses default configuration
settings for Deployment manager and application server

Advanced - Create a cell using default configuration

settings or specific your own values for settings
such as location and names of profile.

Step 6: I have selected Advanced { in my case }

Step 7: Select the application to deploy to WAS environment.
Two Option are there >> Deploy the admin console ( its recommended )

   >> Deploy the default application.
     (its snoop , hello application)

Step 8: Next.

Step 9: Deployment Manager profile name    {You can change}
Application server profile name    {You can change}
profile directory                            {You can change}

Step 10: Deployment Manager Node name   {You can change}
              Application server Node name          {You can  change}
             Host name                                          {its must be DNS or Ip}
             Cell name                                           {You can change}

Step 11: Select >> Enable Administrative security ( for console )
                                >> Username
                             >> Password
                             >> Confirm Password

Step 12: Select Next >> Security Certificate
                                    >> Create a new default Personal Certificate
                                    >> Create a new root signing certificate.

Step 13: Select Next >> default personal certificate.
expiration period in years. from 1 to 15 years.

Step 14: Select Next
                                        >>Deployment Manager  Port values Assignment (Part 1).

>>Node Agent Port   Values (Part 2).

>> Application Server Port Values (Part 3).

Step 15: Select Next

Step 16: Select Next

Step 17: Profile Summary Creation {review all name and Port values )

Step 18: Create. ( Creation of Profile will take 10 to 15 mins ).

Step 19: A message will display Profile management tool created the profiles successfully.

Step 20: Select Launch the first step console.

Step 21 : Click on Finish.

Step 22: Select Installation verification ( its optional ).

Step 23: Exit.


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