Friday 14 April 2017

How to Create Web Server in WAS 8.5

Step 1: Login to IBM WAS Console.

Screenshot 1:

Step 2: go to the web server.

Screenshot 2:

Step 3: Click on New.

Screenshot 3:

Step 4: Provide details and click Next,

ServerName: New_webserverr
Type:IBM HTTP Server
Platform: Windows

Screenshot :4

Step 5: Select IHS and click Next.

Screenshot :5

Step 6: Provide details and click Next,

Port :80
Web Server Location:
Service Name:
plug-in location:
Application Mapping: All
Admin server Port:8008 (default)
Confirm Password:

Screenshot :6

Screenshot :7

Step 7: Click on Finish.

Screenshot :8

Step 8: Click on review  and Save.

Screenshot :9

Screenshot :10

Step 9: Now we have created New  Web Server and Status is Stopped.

Screenshot :11

Step 10: Start The IHS from services --

Screenshot :12

Step 11: Refresh the status from Console , its Started

Screenshot :13

Next Step ,

How  to generate and propagate Plug-ins from Console. 

Use this link :

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