Monday 9 July 2018

WebSphere App Server - Updating ports in existing profiles

Step 1: Make sure your profile "Servers" and "Nodeagent" is stopped.

Step 2: Remove the federated node from the "dmgr" (deployment manager ) console.
                Command:  ./

Step 3: Create a two files on /temp directive,
  •  appserver.props
  •  portdefs.AppSrv02.props

           appserver.props contains profiles details.
           portdefs.AppSrv02.props contains the new ports, which needs to be update.

Step 4: Take backup of existing “portdef.props” file OR backup entire profile.

Step 5: Edit file “portdefs.AppSrv02.props” and paste the existing “portdef.props with updated  ports properties

Screenshot: previous ports $WAS_HOME/profiles/AppSrv02/properties/"portdef.props"

Screenshot: updated ports on new file "portdefs.AppSrv02.props".

Step 6: Edit file "appserver.props", provide the existing profile details & "location of  new ports file".

Screenshot: "appserver.props"

Step 7: Navigate to $WAS_HOME/bin & use below command.

./  -propertyfile  /tmp/was_props/appserver.props 
-file  /IBMWAS/IBM/profileTemplates/default/actions/updatePorts.ant

           ./ is for WebSphere ant script.
           - propertyfile is a location of newly  created appserver.props  file.
            -file is a location for the existing type of profiles you were using.

  Screenshot : Command

  Screenshot : Updated ports on $WAS_HOME/profiles/AppSrv02/properties/"portdef.props"

Now you have updated the new ports successfully.

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