Tuesday 1 May 2018

PsList to troubleshoot high CPU usage in Windows - WebSphere® Application Server

While troubleshooting high CPU utilization in IBM WebSphere® Application Server on Windows operating systems, the perfmon tool may not provide enough information. The PsList tool can be used to collect CPU usage about individual threads in the Java process. PsList is a light-weight tool bundled in the PsTools utilities provided by Microsoft.

Before you restart the server always collect the logs.

Step 1: Download from the below link:

Screenshot :

Step 2: Unzip the contents of to a local directory. This will extract a couple of .exe files, one of which will be PsList.exe.

Screenshot :

Step 3: Copy the attached startpslist.bat file to the same directory as the output of the extracted This simple script is provided to automatically run PsList and collect its data. By default, it runs PsList.exe every 5 seconds. This interval can be changed by editing the TIME_SLEEP value in the script.

Use below link to download startpslist.bat & startpslistYYYYMMDD.bat

Screenshot  :

Step 4: Run the command: startpslist.bat [Java Process ID] at same time run MustGather script and terminate using CTRL+C.

Screenshot  :

MustGather script

Step 5 : Locate  the same location directory for

Screenshot  :

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