Friday 31 March 2017

Installation WAS ND 8.5 on desired location

Installation WAS ND 8.5 on desired location

Kindly Unzip ( , & WAS ND 8.5 Binaries.

On same folder unzip all the binaries.

command ==> unzip

command ==> unzip

command ==> unzip

Previously we have shown how to install IBM Installation Manager Tool. [Please go through that tutorial].

I have installed IBM Installation Manager on /IBMIM { In my case }


Step 1. Go to  installed location /IBMIM

Step 2. command ==> cd Installationmanager/eclipse

Step 3. command ==> ./launcher OR  ./IBMIM  { Both are valid for installation Process}

Step 4. A window will open  > go to File {on upper left corner of window}

Step 5. Select Preferences... > Select Repositories > Select ADD Repositories

Step 6. Browse for extracted Binaries of WAS ND 8.5

Step 7. > Select Repository.config     file.  > select OK

Step 8. > select OK

Step 9. > select   Test Connections  {Pop-up message will be came i.e All the selected repositories are connected }

Step 10. > Select OK.

Step 11. > Select APPLY OK.

Step 12. > Select on Install

Step 13. Then Select Installation Packages

Step 14. Select Next>

Step 15. Validation prerequisites process will be done   Automatically.

Step 16. Select Next>

Step 17. Select I accept the terms and license agreement.

Step 18. Select Next>

Step 19. Select Shared Resources Directory or Browse for other location.

Step 20. Select Next>

Step 21. Select Installation Directory  or Browse for other location.

Step 22. Select Next>

Step 23. Translations languages > English

Step 24. Select Next>

Step 25. Install Packages > Select features to install {Automatically JDK is selected }

Step 26. Select Next>

Step 27. Once review all the Target location and Confirm.

Step 28. Select Install>   {Installation Will take 4 to 5 Minutes.}

Step 29. Select None.

Step 30. Select Finish.

Step 31: Go to cd   /IBMWAS/IBM/Websphere/AppServer/bin

Step 32: run                     {to check the installed  version}
              command >> ./   

Next is Profile Creation >> Pending.

We have successfully installed WAS ND 8.5 on desired location

Thanks to All. :-)

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